All Cats Love Playing with Boxes, Even the BIG Cats

Cats are one of the most enigmatic creatures on the entire planet. We think we know everything about them, but we hardly know anything. But one thing is for sure, and that is that these detached felines are obsessed with boxes. I am sure you have seen cats trying their level best to fit into boxes incredulously smaller than their size. And it is so very comical to watch. But guess what? This infatuation of boxes has not only devoured the minds of domestic cats but also big wild cats as well.

Big Cat Rescue wanted to figure out if this trait of loving boxes is widespread in lions, leopards, tigers, and lynxes as well. And their findings? This is really, very cute. The names of these animals are just as beautiful as them, and I loved watching how these curious creatures reacted to those boxes inside their enclosure.


It seems Big Cat Rescue’s research proves that big cats do indeed love big boxes. They seemed a little skittish when the boxes seemed about to tip over, but each of them has a different reaction to their new toy. Some of them immediately crawled or hopped inside and laid down. Some of them pushed and folded and prodded the box for a while, and then tore it to pieces. One jaguar tore the side of the box halfway off and then laid down inside. I guess he wanted to have a view.

Could you possibly pick a favorite of all these fantastic feline beasts? They are all so funny with their new ‘toy.’ What an excellent way to use old boxes, too.