He Left Some Food Outside, But You Won’t Believe Who He Was Feeding!

It’s been said many times before, because it’s a message that conveys pretty much anything good in this world. “To change things for the better, you must change yourself”. It’s a great phrase that’s all about how we can all change the world, little by little, in our own places. The one thing that all winners have in common is perseverance, and determination. To face the greatest challenges that life makes us face, we must first give our part and become one with the nice things that we cherish.

The following video tells us the story of one brave man, a fighter, named Kamala, who has reached his elder years now. He has lived most of his life homeless and without a job, or any stable source of income for that matter. But he’s persevered through all those years; all those harsh and cold nights outside. He’s determined to help other in whatever way that he can, even if it’s only the slightest help.

He doesn’t just scavenge and look for food for himself, he also helps 7 stray dogs that live in his city to help them survive by giving them food whenever he can. He doesn’t have much, but he makes every last bit worth in order to help the pups. Amazing!

Watch this inspiring story for yourself in the video right below!

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