She Left Her Kittens Alone With The New Closet Organizer. What She Found Next? OMG!

Though always out of the spotlight thanks to dog’s adorableness, cats more than make up for their complicated personalities with their impressive wits and unbelievable capacity to create hilarious and unforgettable moments. The clip we featured below, uploaded by YouTube user Aleya Cunningham, is a definitive proof of this statement. There’s no limit for a cats ability to live as comfortably and as fancy as they like, and you must look no further than this video right here to see what I’m talking about. If you’re a cat owner yourself, you know that they do NOT know bounds at all. I mean, just look at these guys!

Aleya Cunningham had set up a closet organizer for her clothes, which had separate compartments for each kind of clothing. You probably know those, they’re very handy. But the funny part is when their cats come into the closet and mistake the compartments for “apartments”, since they can only recognize it as their new resting place that their owner made for them! The closet had become a complex of “Kitty Kondos”, as the clever Aleya points out in her video. Cats definitely have no match!

Watch this adorable and witty cat moment in the clip we put below, just for you.

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