She Left Her Sneaky Cat Alone For A Moment, And Learned Just How Spoiled He Is

Everyone who owns a cat or a dogs loves to spoil them a little bit, but when it comes to pampered pets, nobody comes close to Timo the cat. This internet sensation gets treated like royalty, being given the most exotic treats and trinkets for him to enjoy all by himself. After all, if he had to share, that wouldn’t exactly be royal treatment, now would it?

He has been shown on other videos enjoying a nice and comfy hammock made for his own size, and he has many different stuffed animals that he snuggles with every day. One time, he was given breakfast in bed, just like a king! The video below is Timo’s ultimate guide to being treated like the best cat in the world. After you see it, you will wish you were as pampered as this cat, but he is awfully sweet, so I suppose he deserves it.

Timo’s proud owner made this video as a funny way to show all the ways cats can receive love. Obviously, all of these treatments aren’t necessary, and spoiling your cat too much can make them develop bad habits, but honestly, some pampering is just inevitable, don’t you think? Either way, cat persons know that kitties deserve all the love in the world, and Timo seems to enjoy it a whole lot! If I had someone to treat me like this, I would enjoy it a whole lot, too!

Watch this hilarious cat pampering video right below, and if you enjoy it, share it with your friends on Facebook.

Share this hilarious video with your friends and family on Facebook because it will give them a GREAT BIG laugh!