She Left Her Son In The Car & Left. But She Didn’t Expect Something THIS Terrifying To Happen!

It may not be summer yet, but soon it will be and unfortunately, children being left in cars and suffering heat stroke or death is a real possibility. Terrifying huh? It doesn’t take too long for the inside of your vehicle to heat up. This short public service announcement called “One Decision” shows a situation that is common during summer, and unfortunately, it is one that all of us are pretty acquainted with just from watching the news.

A mother leaves her child inside her car for a quick visit to the store. But when she returns, her baby is already in a dire situation. This movie was made in hopes of preventing child injuries or death. Did you know that every ten days a child dies from vehicular heat strokes? Isn’t it far better to leave your child at home with someone rather than risk the horrendous consequences of leaving them in the car?

In this PSA, the woman seems to have forgotten she had her child with her at all. In the store, she’s taking her time shopping and even chatting with friends. Meanwhile, her son is overheating and crying in the car, when a stranger walks by and hears him, but does nothing. Finally, a man breaks into the vehicle while another woman calls the police.

It takes only 15 minutes for a child to suffer life threatening injury or brain trauma from being in a hot car. This is a powerful message. Please share.

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