This Two Legged Boxer Visits The Beach For The First Time And When He Does THIS? I’M SPEECHLESS!

The inspirational story of Duncan is sure to shock you. Duncan was born with a severe birth defect and as a result had to have his hind legs removed. Ever since Duncan had his legs removed he’s had two “wheelchairs” but Duncan refuses to use them. It’s remarkable how he can balance on two legs and walk. Watch him go crazy when he visits the beach!

When I first saw Duncan running on the sand I didn’t realize he was missing two legs he was running so fast! The look of joy on his face is priceless! Duncan is so happy he starts doing a full on hand-stand, with his tail pointing the sky, and it is just awesome. Ok Mr. Show-off, we know you can balance!

Share Duncan’s inspirational story with your friends. Duncan has made the most with what life gave him and we should try to do the same!

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