Leia The Dog Alerts Her Human About Helpless Baby Dolphin!

Rich, a photographer, was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery at Criccieth Beach in Wales. When his do, Leia, started to bark up a storm, Rich hurried to her side! The Dog was definitely distraught and doing her best to get her human to pay attention to her! Rich would never be able to guess what Leia had come across.

Understandably curious Rich approached his dog, half expecting to see just an odd piece of junk, however as he came closer he noticed that Leia was standing over some kind of animal washed up on shore.  He wondered if it was a tiny shark stranded in the shallow water, however it turned out to be a baby dolphin!  The little guy had gotten abandoned and needed help, thanks to Leia’s frantic call for help Rich was able to help the dolphin in time!

He lifted the creature gently and helped the baby back out into deeper waters!  Rich and Leia waited around for an hour to see if the baby dolphin didn’t end up washed up again! Rich even reported the incident to the authorities to put the science team on watch for any of these incidents!

Check out the amazing footage below, Rich and Leia are heroes!

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