The Lengths Man And Animal Will Go To For Charity, Well, This Was Attempted In Ireland!

Everyone has their own burden to bear, some more than others. But when life gives you lemons, you don’t give up – you just make lemon juice! Ok, I’m not telling you guys to actually go and make lemon juice. Lol. But watch this cat’s incredible journey with his human.

I was just contemplating – we all groan and whine when things don’t go our way or when we feel we’re at a disadvantage or when we feel life is unfair. I know I’m absolutely guilty of this – When the skies have been grey too long, or I’m longing for the summer sun to come soon, or even when I think… well, I think a lot of things and I’m sure the list will bore you – but you get what I mean.

Stevie is blind. Not only that, but he was in a rescue shelter a while back. I can’t imagine his life without his human, but Corr adopted Stevie four years ago from a shelter in Cork, Ireland. They’ve had a pretty good journey since then and Corr always wanted to give back to the folks who make things work for animals in need.

A noble thought and a noble cause – that’s how the video “Anything is Possible” was born. Patrick and his brother decided to go for a sponsored hike up Ireland’s tallest mountain – Caarauntoohil, a looming 3,406 foot mountain so that funds could be raised towards helping animal shelters in their area.

The whole journey – from start to finish was recorded and posted on YouTube to spread awareness about shelters and about how anything is possible, even if you face obstacles. With a ton of support from family and friends, they recorded their hike with the help of four cameras and even camped overnight on the mountain due to poor visibility.

They met interesting friends along the way, like a sheep, a horse and as they played around in nature’s beauty, their end product resulted in the video which helped raise over a thousand Euros for their cause. This is unbelievable and hats off to these guys. Very often we see people adopting only healthy and young animals as they don’t want the hassle of taking care of sick ones. Who needs the stress? Yet Corr did just that and even went a step further. What did you guys think of the video? Would you do something like this? Write in and let us know!

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