Leopard Charges His Zookeeper While His Back Is Turned, But A Tiger Runs To His Rescue

The video given below is going to stop your heart. Zookeepers need to be really courageous to do what they do. They also need to have a strong relationship with the animals they look after. The video below features a zookeeper from The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation called Eduardo Serio. The bond he has with his “kids” is incredible to say the least.

At the start of this clip, Eduardo can be seen playing with some beautiful white lions. Pretty amazing right? They are all relaxed, and one female in particular is enjoying a belly rub from Eduardo. The big cats look very comfortable and right at home with him in their habitat, and he looks pretty much at home himself.

But then something even more surreal happens. Watch in the background, behind Eduardo, as the video plays and you will see a leopard sneaking up behind him, in stalking mode. Dharma, the leopard, abruptly started charging towards Eduardo in what looked like an attack. But then a tiger named Aztlan flew in to stop his four-legged friend. Wait till you this!

After the leopard was prevented from attacking, he just laid down in front of Eduardo, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say he was jealous of the lions and wanted a little human attention for himself. I could be wrong, but he looks pretty comfortable with Eduardo at the end of the clip.

Check out the video below! What are your thoughts about this almost attack by this big cat? Let us know them in the comments!


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