They Let Their Boxer Have A Binky. Watch What Happened Next And You’ll Be In Stitches!

The boxer in this video is so adorable and beyond cute that you will not be able to keep your heart inside your chest when you see what she is up to! This is a video of just a big baby boxer that only wants a little comfort now and again that comes from her pacifier.

This is Princess Leia and you already know her from her other videos on the internet that show off her talents. In this clip it is nap time and her owner found an adorable way to help Leia sleep. She gives Princess a baby’s binky and you won’t believe what she does with it.

When the owner gives it to her she takes it in her mouth exactly the same way any baby would.  The best part of this video is that the pacifier has the same effect on precious Princess as it does on the baby it’s intended for.

Watch how fast she falls asleep! She is just eight months old response here is the best thing ever.  After she falls asleep, the laughs keep coming  as you will hear her start to snore away! She’s so cute with her purple that the snoring foul is highly forgivable.

Watch as Princess brightens up your day and then pass it along to your friends and family. Please leave your comments about this silly dog below.

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