Let There Be No Doubt: Siamese Cats Really Are The Champions Of Talking Back

No matter what species is involved, it always takes some effort to raise a pet and keep it happy and healthy. But sometimes your efforts are rewarded with backtalk. If your furry friend is a Siamese cat, loud disagreement kind of goes with the territory.

The Siamese has long been a popular breed of cat. As the name suggests, they really did originate in Siam (today’s Thailand). They tend to form a very strong bond with their favorite human, following them around and doing plenty of meowing in their raspy voices. But however attached they may be to one person, Siamese are generally quite sociable. They’re also wonderfully playful and intelligent. They do get lonely easily, so people often find it’s a good idea to have more than one. Siamese are also quite good-looking, with their large ears, elongated faces, distinctive markings and piercing blue eyes.

Ari the Siamese seemed to be sitting at the table in a reasonably well-behaved fashion. But his human was telling him he had to go. Perhaps the problem was that nicely sitting in a chair can soon degenerate into walking around on the tabletop. As you’ll see, she tells him several times that he needs to skedaddle and each time Ari meows back at her, and loudly. To his credit, Ari does finally comply, but he wouldn’t be much of a cat if he didn’t at least complain about it first.

Ari’s backtalk really can’t be described in words. We’ve posted the video below so you can get an earful from this handsome but headstrong cat.

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