Let’s Go To A Fancy Dress Party, Let’s Also Dress Up Our Horse!! WHAT!!

We all love to dress well. Nobody really wants to always be seen in their worst, just woke up type of look – unless of course, you’re Kendall Jenner or Angelina Jolie. Well, this star f the horse racing festival was neither of those two celebrities and he managed to shine amidst he well dressed visitors.

This was veteran race horse Morestead, who made an appearance in the festival wearing a three piece tweed suit, designed none other than celebrity stylist Emma Sandham-King. She used be an apprentice with Alexander McQueen so her fashion sense and style definitely came into the fore front.

Creating the first tweed three piece suit for a horse, the outfit was completed in an amazing four weeks. And before you think it was only a suit, the horse also had a shirt, a tie and a flat tweed cap that represented the epitome of conventional British horse racing style.

William Hill commissioned this outfit and who better to unveil this superbly dressed horse than 20 time champion Anthony McCoy, a racing legend in his own right. Folks, this is no ordinary tweed, but 18 meters of the finest Harris Tweed was used in making this garment. Whew!

I love the uniqueness, the fashion statement and headline making garment, but what’s really got my brain working overtime is…. What on EARTH is that horse going to put in his pockets?? LOL. Have any ideas? Let me know in a message in the section below – let’s have a good laugh!

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