After Surviving A Battle With Leukemia, This Man Met The Donor Who Saved Him For The First Time!

Not everyone knows it, but the struggle against a terminal disease can be devastating for not only the patient, but their entire family and close ones as well. Even if there’s good chances and a fight to be fought, the process is always painful and difficult for everyone involved. This was the reality that Luis Monzon faced when he was diagnosed with a type of cancer called leukemia. He spent 9 months in chemotherapy, and after less than expected results, his doctors said that he was going to need a bone marrow donor for a transplant in order to pull through.

The hardest part was after his family took tests of compatibility to see if anyone could help him, but there wasn’t a match. The fight was going to be difficult, but they did not give up. As their last resort, they entered a bone marrow network in hopes of finding a compatible donor, and after a stressful way, a potential donor was found! He was able to beat cancer thanks to the transplant, and in the touching video below, you can see Luis’s reunion with the brave donor who helped save his life.

Watch this tearful of a video just below here.


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