A Life Of Abuse Is Now Over For This Dog, And When You See His Dramatic Change, Get Your Tissues Ready

It’s truly disheartening to see so many stories of extreme animal neglect these days. It’s frightening to realize that members of the human race are capable of such cruel and horrific acts. But fortunately, for every terrible story of animal abuse, there is a success story like Pumpkin’s.  She is loving life and finally living the life she deserves after being rescued from her horrible living conditions.

As a young dog, Pumpkin was abused and abandoned on the streets by her previous owner, just trying to survive by finding food and shelter one day at a time. You have to see this little dog’s amazing inspirational story. Her case is one of foster failure, but in this case, a ‘foster failure’ is a positive thing, because it means Pumpkin’s foster mom actually adopted her because she was so sweet and the connected instantly. Her foster mom just couldn’t give her back to the shelter to be adopted.

One of the employees at the veterinary office where Pumpkin was taken says that Pumpkin is a shining star for homeless animals because she is a true survivor. The awesome team at the vet’s office gave her the medical care and love she needed to survive. They are true heroes!

I’m reminded that people can commit great acts of kindness when I see stories like this one. I’m hopeful people can make a huge difference.

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