Life Or Death? Tough Decisions For Paralyzed Cat. What Happens Next? Unbelievable!

It’s never easy to make a life or death decision, especially when it is related to someone or something you love. For most people, pets are like family. So when Manar, an animal rescuer, found the abandoned Persian cat in Egypt, she knew something had to be done. Life is tough for an animal on the streets and the life span of such an animal isn’t given to be long. Add paralysis to the equation and you know the animal has no chance of survival.

Named Lieutenant Dan, this Persian Cat was found dragging his two back legs in an Egyptian city. First, his rescuer reached out to her friends on Facebook and Athina, the fosterer at JerseyCats saw the post. She saw an opportunity to help and soon Lt. Dan reached American shores. Sadly, the first two vets had barely any hope for his future. They even recommended euthanasia for the Persian Cat but Athina refused to give up.

Even though the kitten wasn’t able to walk, he still wanted to play, cuddle and kept purring with his new found rescuers. She managed to find a neurologist who agreed to operate on the kitten’s spine to stabilize it. Dr. Farabaugh from the Oradell Animal Hospital performed a successful surgery that left the kitten able to walk again! As with any patient, he had to undergo physical therapy, but the kitten seemed happy enough to oblige his protectors as they fed him treats.

As you can see from the video, his recovery is amazing and its heart warming to see how far he has come. Two months after his surgery, Lt. Dan was up and about and completely healed! Now you are most likely to see Lt. Dan snuggling up to his human foster parents and Athina is working with her classmate to construct a cat wheelchair for the cat for Lt. Dan. His loving nature and brave heart inspires all who come across him.

Never giving up on your pet can be so rewarding. Do you have any similar stories to share? We would love to hear from you! Please post your tales in the comments section below!

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