These Life-Hacks For Cats Are Hilarious, So See How Many Are True For You

When you think you have already seen everything, a video of life hacks for cats emerges from the internet. One would think that cats are really good pets already because they are usually well-behaved and independent, but YouTube user Sho Ko made a video offering some tips that can help cat parents make their feline friends’ lives even easier.

That’s right! Even though cats already have almost everything they could ever need, thanks to nature, with their claws, their incredible agility and reflexes, and those cute and furry faces that make cat lovers like me fall in love every time, they just have a little bit of everything to make life easier. But Sho Ko has a bunch of helpful tricks that can help cat parents give their precious kitties all the comfort that they deserve. He decided to film a video about how to make a cat’s life easier, just in case your cat was inconvenienced at all and you wanted to make sure that never happened again.

The key part to the video is the relationship between cat and human. It’s as if the video was planned and recorded by a kitty himself, while the humans mindlessly cooperate. I’ve never seen something so adorable and hilarious! Sho Ko clearly adores his cat. Truly, cats are wonderful creatures, and they deserve everything that we could ever give them in this world.

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