A Life Of Loneliness Is Now A Faraway Memory For This Dog

Anytime a stray animal is rescued from terrible living conditions and put in a positive environment, the wonderful changes in their life can also cause some wonderful changes to their physical appearance. Animals are not that different from humans in that when they look better, they feel better, and this improves their confidence and their disposition. When you watch this video you won’t believe how this rescue saved and changed this poor dog’s life for the better.

Pumpkin was abused by his original owner and then left to die on the streets, but she managed to survive, although she was suffering. She barely found enough food to survive on the streets and staying out of the weather was also a challenge for her. Life was a struggle for her every day and she didn’t deserve that kind of life, but the end of the story is a happy one and Pumpkin finds a forever family that gives her all the love and care she could ever want.

A caretaker from the veterinary clinic where Pumpkin was taken couldn’t believe how amazing her transformation was. A patient team of rescuers, a generous veterinarian, and lots of prayers meant Pumpkin was able to survive and go on to live a happy life. Her confidence and demeanor improved and she found a forever family.

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