“Remember How Your Life Was BEFORE You Got A Cat?! Here’s A Hilarious Reminder!”

When kitties join the home they take it over! Think that isn’t true? Well this video is a reminder of what our lives use to be like before kitty came along — and how they changed it (for the better of course!).

Before you got a cat, you woke up to the sound of the alarm. After you got a cat, you woke up to your kitty climbing on top of you! After your kitty came along, your home furnishings changed to include scratching post and litter boxes. Before kitty, we could work on our laptops without being interrupted…. after kitty, not so much.

These are just some of the way that kitty’s change the lives of their owners. Yet ask any kitty cat owner if they would go back to their lives before their feline friend came along and odds are they would say “heck no” — because kitty has become such a major part of their lives!

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