She Lifts This Scared Dog From The Tunnel. What Her Brother Did Next BROKE My Heart!

By now, everyone probably knows the non-profit organization ‘Hope For Paws’ and their incredible animal rescues. This video features one of their amazing rescues of homeless dogs. In this video, you’ll be able to see our heroes Eldad and Vanessa rescuing two siblings, a boy and a girl poodle who were trapped in the sewer under a busy Los Angeles freeway.

When Eldad and Vanessa reached the site, they were instantly able to spot the dogs but they had to crawl inside the sewer to rescue them. Even after being able to crawl inside and locate the dogs, these dogs were so frightened that they had to take time building their trust. At one point, when Vanessa tried to lift the scared pup, her overprotective brother almost bit Vanessa.

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