#LightTheWorld: Watch this heart-warming message

What do you think of when the word ‘Christmas’ is heard? Well, if you’re like me, ‘presents’ will probably come to mind. This is the season to give and get presents, right? It truly is. The whole tradition of giving someone presents stems from the very origins of the festivity. Back in the day when Jesus was born, his family was very far from being well off.

His father was trying to get a place for his wife to give birth, but there wasn’t anything available for them. Jesus was born in the humblest of conditions and all the world would rejoice. There were 3 notable people who found out of the birth of Jesus and became very happy. They wanted to visit baby Jesus and take Him presents. And, this is how the tradition started. Tradition says that you would give your children presents because you can’t really give baby Jesus presents now.

So, having this in mind, what will you be getting your kids this Christmas? There’s always been a lot of debate over this question. What can be a good present for your children? Do you go for something that they really want? Or, do you get them something that they need? We live in an era when the next best thing for Christmas is only a couple of days away, but how do you stay in-tune with times and still do what’s right?

The following video is a reminder from Mormon.org. They invite us to think about priorities. It doesn’t even have to be Christmas season. Giving is something that we can do all year round. Have you stopped to think how many coffees or chips you get from the vending machine in one week? I mean, it may not be a lot of money to you, but surely, there is someone in this world that could definitely use that money you’re spending. Why not give a donation?

We tend to associate donating with one specific cause of time of year. There are many noble causes that could use your donation, but how do you get it to them? Besides making an online donation, you can always reach out to your local Mormon church to donate. It’s simple, easy, and they will make sure to get it to those who need it the most.

A bag of chips to you might mean a meal for a family of four in another country. In this season, give the present that will show someone that there is still hope and faith in this world. Give them the chance for a new day. Show them that Jesus was not only born over 2,000 years ago. Make them believe, He never left!