#LightTheWorld: A wonderful Christmas message from Mormon.org

Once Christmas season comes, there’s usually one thing on everyone’s mind: Presents. That’s what Christmas is famous for, right? This season comes and with it a lot of possibilities of getting that one item many people have been waiting the entire year to get. In the case of kids, it’s usually their favorite toys, the next video game console or games, or any other gadget on their minds.

Smartphones have been getting very popular over the past few years, the reason: you can do pretty much anything on them. Social networks have been the single biggest selling point for them. There’s never a day that I go out and I don’t see people focused on their social networks or sending a message.

This only seems to remind me of how things have changed. When I was little, there were no smartphones. The cellphones were very expensive, and basically, people with a lot of money were the only ones that could afford them. People who owned them were the envy of many, but most people saw these new gadgets as something that they might want to get if they ever struck it big or became these very busy businessmen.

People today will go to great lengths in order to get the latest iPhone or flagship smartphone from any other company. Smartphones are not the only thing on people’s minds. Besides toys on Santa’s list, there are many other things that people want, young and old, and they tend to forget the single most important thing. That is, why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Have you ever asked yourself the question, what does Christmas really mean? Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. You know…joy to the world?

Unfortunately, this season has only become a chance for people to ask for the most outlandish presents. The following video is brought to you by Mormon.org. It doesn’t have any famous artists in it. There are no sports cars, models, or fancy locations. In fact, it features places most of us would not like to find ourselves in the first place.

Even though the video has no voiceover, it presents a very powerful message. It answers the question; how do we celebrate Christmas? It reminds us that there are many other things to celebrate on this day, many other things that we can be doing. It reminds us of the real meaning of love and how important it is for everyone to spread it every day, and not only on this day. The message is as true as it is powerful. It will touch your heart and make you reflect. I guarantee it will change your mindset.