If You Like ‘Star Wars’ And Disco, Then This Is The Christmas Show For You! WOW!

One of my fondest Christmas memories is walking around the quiet streets of Poughkeepsie with my mom, dad, brothers, and grandma to look at all the Christmas decorations.

We’d wait till it got dark after dinner, bundle up in our warm coats and fleece mittens, and set out to walk around the neighborhood. Some of the houses had simple, white lights that my mom really liked, with a few of those big vintage colorful bulbs as accents. Other houses were full of light-up plastic Santas, Rudolphs, Frosty the Snowmen, and little helper elves. Those are the ones that my dad really liked.

You don’t really see too much of this anymore. Sure, there is the house or two on the street that goes overboard enough to count for everyone else on the block, cramming their front yard with inflatable snow globes and shining red and green spotlights on the front of their house. But this just isn’t the same as everyone in the neighborhood putting on their own personal light show to make others happy.

This family, however, totally makes up for the lack of Christmas spirit going around. I don’t even want to know how much time went into stringing up these lights and programming them to dance this way, but I’m so glad that this homeowner did it! Not only is it full of cheer, but it’s also really funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

If you like Star Wars and disco… you’re going to love this!

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