Line so long, the little boy couldn’t stay awake. Santa sets up the best Christmas photo ever

As anyone who’s had children knows, one annual Christmastime ritual is taking the kid (or kids) to the mall to see Santa Claus so they can tell the Merry Old Elf what presents they want. Of course, it’s a time of year when shopping malls can get just a little bit crazy. Often a parent faces the prospect of waiting in a long line of cranky children, dreading the moment their little one gets cranky, too. Then, finally, at long last you get to the front of the line. Sometimes everything goes well. The kids are eager to petition Santa, maybe tug his beard, and have their photo taken. Other times, even though they were eager to see Mr. Claus just minutes beforehand, kids freak out when they actually have a chance to meet him. Squirming, tears, yelling… You know the drill.

Something entirely different happens in the video we’ve posted below.

When Donnie Walters took his 6 month-old son Zeke to see Santa Claus, the line was an hour long. How did Zeke react? He fell asleep! But Santa was a real pro: he suggested they not wake the little fellow and instead get a picture of him snoozing with Santa, a copy of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” at their side. This was a great idea, as you can see for yourself when you check out the video. The funniest part of the story is that when Zeke was taken to see Santa a few days later, the exact same thing happened! At least the little guy was well-rested, ready to get into his elf suit, and report for duty at the North Pole.

We’d love to know how late Zeke slept in on Christmas morning!

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