Line so long, little boy falls asleep: Santa sets up a great photo

If you have children, you’re probably all too familiar with one Christmastime chore: taking the kid (or kids) to the mall to see Santa Claus so they get a chance to tell the Merry Old Elf what they want left under the tree for them. Of course, this is a time of year when malls are just a bit crazy: the stores are packed with frenzied shoppers and it may take awhile to get in and out of the parking lot. There’s usually a long line of cranky children waiting to see Santa and you know that your kid(s) will inevitably become cranky, too. Once you actually make it to the front of the line, things may go well: the kids snap out of it and are eager to hop up on Santa’s knee and recite their list of desired presents, give his beard a tug, and then pose for a photo. But this isn’t always how it goes: sometimes kids completely freak out once they’re face-to-face with St. Nicholas, mortifying their parents with all the yelling, crying, and squirming.

In the video posted below, something totally different happens. When Donnie Walters and his 6 month-old son Zeke arrived at the mall, the line to see Santa was an hour long. Zeke’s reaction? He fell asleep and stayed asleep! Santa was a real pro, suggesting that instead of waking Zeke up, they should take picture of the two of them snoozing with a copy of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” at their side.

What’s really funny is that when Zeke was taken to see Santa again a few days later, he was also fast asleep the whole time! We’d love to know how late this little fellow slept in on Christmas morning.

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