They All Line Up For A Snack, But Look At That Clever Dog. Amazing!

One of the best things about dogs is how clever they can get to be once they have lived with other dogs and humans for a while. They can learn all sort of tricks, and it’s difficult to predict their behavior accurately. They’re just so full of surprises! Like the doggy in the video below, she figured out a way to take advantage of her owner’s system for feeding.

It goes a little bit like this: Dad has a whole lot of dogs to feed, and to do it in a sane and orderly fashion, he has to give each dog a treat, one by one. This way, they can learn discipline and patience, while learning how to interact with other dogs properly. But the dog in the left side that goes first has a very clever idea to take advantage of this tactic!

After getting her own treat, she quickly eats it and gets back in the end of the line to fool Dad into giving her an extra treat. And not satisfied with that, she decided to get a bit greedy and even gets back in the line for a third treat. Amazing! I’ve never seen a dog act so smart before!

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