They Line Up On Stage For A Christmas Song… But Keep Your Eye On The Second Guy From The Left!

Straight No Chaser is an all-male a cappella group that started just about 20 years ago in 1996. While they formed at Indiana University, they’ve since performed all over the country.

Back in 1998, they recorded a video of a Christmas medley that went totally viral ten years later when it was posted to celebrate the anniversary, with over 18,000,000 views! It’s no wonder why. These guys are all so talented, and not to mention hilarious! They’re all natural-born performers.

What makes their Christmas Medley different from so many others is how they fit in all of the songs that they did in such a sneaky way. It definitely makes you laugh! With “12 Days of Christmas” at the center of the tune, they even manage to slip in the 1982 song “Africa” by Toto!

Luckily for us, they got back together ten years after the original performance to put on a reunion show at Indiana University! This time, they added a little something extra in the middle. Just keep your eye on the second guy from the left at 1:38. The crowd goes totally wild for this 100 percent improvised dance break! This is when they put up the original video from 1998, which subsequently caught the attention of the CEO of Atlantic Records. He liked them so much, he signed them to the label, and now they’re still touring!

Do you think they’ll do another reunion in a few years? If so, I definitely want to go to see what kinds of tricks they pull out of their sleeves next time!

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