He Lined His Dogs Up For A Treat. But Pay Attention To That Pooch On The Left! LOL!

Dogs often act dumb and oblivious to everything around them, but these creatures are actually quite smart. Just take a look at this hilarious sheltie in the video below! This pooch has a number of siblings, and as we all know, mealtime can get pretty rough and competitive when you have siblings around and don’t want to share. But this clever boy has figured out how use his siblings to his benefit!

His owner set them up in a line and started giving them treats one by one, and all but one of them waits patiently. There’s always one mischievous one in the bunch, right? Watch the first dog in line who gets the first treat. This dog switched place in the “treat line” and moved to the other end after he got his first treat, like his owner wouldn’t notice!

Actually, the owner didn’t pay any attention to his antics. He wanted to get some extras while the other dogs patiently wait for their turn. I am sure his owner noticed him moving back and forth to each end of the line, but he decided to go along with it as well! If this dog was smart enough to do that, he surely deserves those treats!

The other dogs take no notice and it’s hilarious to watch. They must be used to him doing this by now. They probably just have a nickname for him and laugh about it behind his back.

Watch this funny clip below! Has your dog done anything similar? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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