Lion and white tigress become soulmates, and escape zoo

Love stories are beautiful, especially when they have a happy ending. Cameron and Zabu found happiness and a new home.

If you like Disney movies, then the story of Cameron and Zabu will be right up your alley. Cameron is a male African lion, and Zabu is a female white tiger. They are beautiful in their own right, but stunning when they’re together.

The combination of these two cats creates the rare Liger, one of the rarest breeds of cats in the world. Originally, Cameron and Zabu were put together for that purpose.

Things started off well, and they fell in love. But more importantly, they developed new goals in life. The two cats were destined for bigger and better things, and it all started with Big Cat Rescue.

The organization gave these two cats a better home, one that would guarantee their long-term safety. Nowadays, Cameron and Zabu frolic together on large lands, and with a much deeper purpose.

It’s not often you see two cats fall this madly in love. The two are so entertaining, that a TV show may be in their future. With a little luck, the whole world will get to see what the fuss is about.

Lion and white tigress become soulmates, and escape zoo