This Lion Cub Is Learning How To Roar, But Then He Did Something Adorable Instead!

When it comes to animals we really can’t get enough, we are slightly obsessed. There are so many different animals in the world that it’s hard for us to pinpoint our favorite ones but there is definitely a list of the most popular that I think we can all agree on. On that list are the animals that we usually can see in the zoo like elephants, giraffes, monkeys, tigers and lions.

What is so great about loving animals is that nowadays you can learn so much about any animals that you like because of the access you get to them online. Not only can you learn as much as you want about any animal but there are also millions of animal videos online and we can almost guarantee that you will find whatever it is you are looking for. Which is why we are all so guilty of spending so much time online, we’re so busy looking at all the different videos available there.

One of the most favorite and popular animals in the world, and definitely ranks high on our list, are lions. Lions have always held our fascination just because of their sheer size. Lions are absolutely huge; they are also incredibly strong. These cats have such a strong presence that they are even considered king of Africa. They are the most fearsome animal out on the safari, understandably so.

Well in this featured video you will see one little lion that is anything but fearsome. The star of this video is a little lion cub who is trying to work up a roar. He walks up to the camera and tries his hardest but it’s definitely not a roar that he has. The little squeak that comes out is just adorable and we know that one day he will be able to get that full body roar we know he wants to have.

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