Lion Cub Walks Down A Path. I Was Smitten With Him The Second He Opened His Mouth.

Long before they become truly fearsome creatures, they are, more often than not, cuties. Alligator babies? Adorable and cuddly! Baby bear cubs? You want to take them home and raise them on your own! Great white sharks… small and friendl- well, I did see a movie where a young shark imprinted on a boy and they grew up together. The boy has all his limbs at the end, too! Then there’s this tiny fella we see in this video.

We see this little lion cub walk out on a concrete path. It might be at a zoo or a reserve. He’s trying to look as fierce as his “King of the Jungle” moniker deserves, but when he opens his mouth, a pitiful “mew” comes out. Were this in the wild, I think a deer or gazelle might wet themselves laughing upon hearing it. It’s like a little child trying to act tougher than he or she really is.

This little fella is going to be roaring a LOT louder when he gets older. Wildlife will sit up and take notice then, because a lion’s roar is very distinct. Then they might wet themselves out of fear before trying to run away. But for now, he’s a King-of-the-Jungle-In-Waiting. In his mind, though, he might consider himself the most ferocious creature to walk the planet. That time is coming for him.

Of course, this certain cub is going to grow, rather quickly, into a killing machine. It’s better to get all the oohs and ahs out of the way now, because the worst he can do is bite your ankle if he gets mad. When he’s nearly 1,000 pounds heavier and has individual teeth the size of your pointer finger, then you’ll be looking back on these days rather fondly. As long as you’re not the object of his hunger, that is.

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