Lion stares down wiener dog as he would his next victim, the lion’s next move has quickly gone viral

We generally think of the animal kingdom as a very strict chain. In the wild, there are generally clear lines between different animal species that don’t get crossed. For example, antelopes and lions usually don’t “hang out.” Maybe a more straightforward example is the rivalry that supposedly exists between cats and dogs. This is a rivalry that has existed for many years. As we all know, they can grow up together and even become friends. There are some cases where we think that some animals just shouldn’t get along under any circumstance.

In Wynnewood, Oklahoma there is a wildlife refuge which has a wide variety of animals. They come from all corners of the earth. This refuge serves both as a sanctuary where they can feel protected and a place where they can be monitored and helped if needed. This home to wayward animals is called the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. It was founded in 1997. This park is one of the largest in the region. It spans 16 acres and is home to 1400 animals from 128 distinct species. As you can see, this is no “small zoo” by any means.

What kind of animals live there? All sorts! You can find anything from an exotic animal, all the way to a stray dog. One of the animals that lives at the refuge is Bonedigger, a big Barbary Lion. This is a very large cat. As all cats, he is very territorial and does not let just any animal get to a short distance from him. Among the more common animals are several stray dogs, including Dachshunds. One of these adorable little wiener dogs is a little girl named Abby.

Something that might catch you by surprise is that Abby has been able to do what other animal species have not been able to. She has become Bonedigger’s best friend. According to park manager John Reikene, this is by far one of the strangest things he has ever seen. When he was asked what he thought of this unique friendship, he said: “I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this bond. They’re always just loving on each other.”

Bonedigger might be intimidating, but he has met his match with Abby. According to another park employee, this might be because these two animals go way back. The two were introduced to one another when they were very young. Between the ages of six to nine weeks old. The relationship between the two formed a very strong bond, according to the staff. Even though Bonedigger is also friends with other dogs, it is Abby the one who stole his heart! A story that will steal your heart as well!