Lion Stumbles Out Of The Grass, Sees Cameraman And Tries To Scare Him With The Funniest Roar

Lions are popularly known as the kings of the jungle, though in real life these dash-and-pounce hunters prefer grasslands. That’s where you find tasty animals like and deer, gazelles, zebras, and boar, among many others. Jungle or no jungle, lions are formidable apex predators that have long provoked both fear and admiration from human observers. Their famous roars can be heard at a distance of five miles. Adult lions are big and tough, but lion cubs are incredibly adorable.

There’s just something about baby animals. Even people who don’t really like our four-legged friends can be transformed into a helpless state of cuteness overdose by a kitten or puppy. One highly endearing aspect of baby animals (and humans) is the way they constantly explore the world. There’s so much that’s new and so much to learn. Some things they can learn from mom and dad, but there’s plenty that they have to figure out on their own by trial and error.

Wild animals are normally afraid of people and sad to say, they should be. But baby animals haven’t learned this yet. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a little lion cub who’s been busily exploring his new territory. He comes out from some tall grass and onto a path. Instead of running away in fear, he decides to confront the cameraman and chase him away. What dad would do at this point is let out a powerful roar, so the cub does the same. Problem is, this little lion hasn’t quite mastered the whole roaring thing. The result is hilarious and ridiculously cute.

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