Listen to “12 Days of Christmas” kids songs

Did you ever watch those children’s shows like Sesame Street or others that taught you the alphabet, colors, seasons, and many other things through songs? I sure did. It was a very entertaining way of learning and one that many kindergartens and schools follow to this day. They provide a way of learning and making it fun for toddlers and small children.

I remember that Saturday mornings, I would spend every week there singing and learning. I only wished that there were shows like those now. That’s one of the things that I find more different from the time I was a kid. I talk to my kids about the cartoons that they enjoy watching, and let me tell you that they don’t make a lot of sense to me. Maybe it’s just me being old, but aren’t cartoons supposed to be nice?

I asked them that and they just laughed and said, “they are nice, dad.” “The only thing is that you don’t like them because your older.” That made a lot of sense. One day, I decided to carry out an experiment. I didn’t tell them anything beforehand, but I switched the audio/video input from the TV and played an old cartoon from back in the day. I wanted to check what their reaction would be.

“Why isn’t this on HD?” “Is there something wrong with the TV?” were the first things I heard. I thought my experiment was doomed because I forgot that they had to be in HD for them to like it. But then something happened, about 1-2 minutes into it, they began to be interested in what they were watching. The storyline was entertaining, but with kids nowadays, I have no clue of what they might or might not like.

The show that ran for about 30 minutes, had been recorded by me a long time ago. When the commercials from that time started playing as well, they all laughed. In the end, I would say that they enjoyed the show. After a while, I asked them about it. They said the show had been kind of cool, except for the fact that it hadn’t been in HD.

After that, I felt like a success. I started looking for something as educational, but more current to today’s audiences. I found an entertaining video featuring a song that had me singing it all throughout that day. It is a song that teaches them numbers and does it in the most entertaining way. Get ready and gather your kids around, I’m sure you will all love it!