Listen to the best Christmas Carpool Karaoke episode ever!

Why do you think Carpool Karaoke has been such a tremendous success? I really don’t know. The whole concept took me by surprise. Having regular people sing with very famous ones in the car, is something I could never have imagined would take off. After all, we all do a little bit of singing in the car, right? You know, those traffic jams where the cars are bumper to bumper and the avenue’s packed…Oh, wait. That’s a song, isn’t it?

The show has been a smash hit! Everyone’s guilty of doing this, and you can’t say it isn’t so. We all tune into our favorite station or play our favorite playlist and let it rip! The best thing about doing this is that no one can really hear your singing, so if you don’t sound that good…who cares. There have been some memorable performances there but not quite like this one.

I remember a carpool episode with Camila Cabello and one of the Jonas brothers. What made this episode so memorable, was the fact that Camila had been a die-hard fan of the Jonas Brothers since way back when. She tells how she one day got to meet him as a fan and seized the moment. She was totally star-struck, and she snapped a photo without Jonas knowing. In fact, she still has that picture and shows it to the camera. They have a few laughs in the car and start singing.

Another one that I really enjoyed, was an episode with Shaq and John Cena. This would be one of the most unorthodox episodes ever. To start, neither of them is an actual singer. Well… technically they both are because Cena did put out a couple of singles and Shaq produced maybe three albums. So, they’re not exactly rookies in this league. They start the show calling each other some very funny names. They go back and forth at each other. Then Shaq starts singing some tunes on their way to the basketball court, and that just sounds like torture to Cena. Then, they get to the court and have a shoot-off from the free-throw line. Guess who wins?

One after another, we have seen some pretty hilarious programs. I was always left wondering when I would see an episode also featuring great artists, but singing a Christmas song. I always try to picture myself there, singing next to one of those famous artists. Do you know what would be better than singing alongside one famous artist? How about many?

The following video features the hit song: “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey, sung by Mariah Carey, plus many other megastars. Sit tight and watch… I mean, listen!