Listen to a great cover by Gregory Porter – The Christmas Song

Not many people know Gregory Porter. Gregory is a jazz singer, songwriter, and singer. This very accomplished singer, who also won a Grammy in 2014, got his beginnings in the most unusual way. Back when he was in high school, he was offered an athletic scholarship from the San Diego State University. Football had long been one of his passions and soon he would get the chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately, he got injured and that put an end to his football dream.

After playing for the Aztecs, he traveled with his brother to Brooklyn in 2004. He tried his hand at being a chef and started a few acting gigs. This was another one of his passions that not many people knew of. He started making appearances in other clubs in the area where he started garnering quite a fanbase. One of the clubs where he was the most successful, was St. Nick´s Pub, where he appeared on a weekly basis.

As he became more known in the area, he decided to launch a couple of albums with the Motema and Water record labels. He changed record companies quite often until he landed a contract with Blue Note Records, where he launched his third album, which was produced by Brian Bacchus and won a Grammy in 2014 to the Best Vocal Jazz Album.

His life has truly been an American dream, but that doesn’t mean that it has been any easier for him. There were many days that he didn’t know what he would eat that day or how he would make a living. His mother had always been a big influence in his life. She would encourage him from an early age to sing at the church on Sundays, and that fueled his passion for singing.

Looking back, he doesn’t miss his football days. He believes that everything in life happens for a reason. If he had not become a famous football player, it was because it was not meant to be. He’s always been a very spiritual person and does not have regrets about what may have been.

One of the many songs he has recorded is the famous “Christmas song.” Of all the covers I have heard, this one is right up there with the best of them. Listen to this great song from a marvelous singer. You will find out why he won that Grammy, and you will be glad you did.