Listen to Jasmine Kara’s “Dear Mr. Santa.” You’ll be a fan!

I’ve gotten to listen to some very good artists that have crossed borders with their music thanks to the magic of the Internet. A few years ago, I started to surf YouTube for the next big thing. I found several talented people that, while they didn’t have a record deal going on, they might as well do. Their singing skills and quality were superb.

One of the very first artists that I saw, was a guy named David Choi. I found him by accident because I was looking for covers of classic Beatles songs. The song I was looking for was “Imagine.” He looked like a guy singing from his college dorm room. He had a simple microphone and was also playing the guitar. He sounded very good and sang the song with a slightly rough voice that made the rendition more special.

After that, I started following him on his channel and listen to many other songs. That’s when I discovered there were literally thousands of amateur singers waiting to be discovered. The next guy that I found was a guitar player by the name of Sungha Jung. He had a whole lot of videos from the time he was about 6 or 7 years old. He would cover great classic songs from every genre imaginable.

He is absolutely great. I was amazed by how talented he was at such an early age. I followed him as well, and even bought a couple of his singles. There were many other people that I discovered that year. I even watched the very first songs Justin Bieber uploaded back when he was a little kid. I found it amazing that someone could connect with so many people and do it so seamlessly through the Internet.

I also watched a lot of talent shows. They featured everything from opera singers to very talented dancers. From that moment on, I stopped watching TV altogether. I used to be very big on TV series and comedy shows. Now, I got all my form of entertainment from the Internet, and it was very cool.

The next video features a Swedish artist. She has been making music for a long time. She actually became famous when she sang at the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, and Daniel Westling. She moved to the United States, so she could make her dream of becoming a pop singer come true. She sang in front of Beyoncé and Jay-Z at a club they had gone to. She was able to overcome a very tough childhood and an abusive relationship to give us this great hit song called ‘Dear Mr. Santa’. Witness the birth of this great international star!