Listen to the last Pentatonix hit for the holiday season. It’ll take you back!

How many groups do you know that have started on YouTube and are still successful? If you’re like me, and you watch quite a few videos, then quite a handful. YouTube has given them a chance to pave way for recent music proposals. These proposals have stuck with the audience and have made them very famous, at least in the YouTube world.

I remember watching a guy named David Choi, back when he was just starting. He did very good covers of classic songs by new artists as well as classics. There was an air about him that just made you listen to him over and over again. Among his most viewed covers, were the ones by the Beatles, The Eagles, and many others.

I started following some groups that seemed to have interesting proposals. Some of them left links for you to download their music. Among the groups that were the most successful was one by the name of Home Free. This was an acapella group that won one of those talent-shows that were trying to find the best new group out there.

Listening to them, you would think that they had been performing for many years. They cruised to victory in that show against some very good competition. As many groups and performers, they continue producing LPs and touring around the United States. You can check out their channel and you’ll see many music videos that they put a pinch of comedy into.

Another group that came out of that same competition is a group called ‘Filharmonic’. It got very close between them and Home Free, and they were beaten by just a little bit. They have also launched some singles and albums with great response from the audience. Definitely among my top choices for acapella songs that you can get currently.

The other group that I listen more to is one called Pentatonix. The very first cover I heard of them was actually a medley of Daft Punk. Not only did they sound exactly as in the original song, but they also included some outfit changes that worked very well with the songs themselves. They also have several covers from other artists including the latest hits. There was a medley that I didn’t have a chance to listen to until today. This medley sounds so good, that it will take you back to Christmas dinner, guaranteed!