Listen to the Top-100 Country Christmas Songs of all time!

Have you ever wished you had your favorite songs all on one list? Of course, you have! This is the main reason that playlists exist. Each one of your songs at a finger’s reach. This opens the book for a lot of possibilities. First, you can organize all your songs according to your current mood. So, if you’re feeling a little blue, just pop the ‘energizing’ playlist and you’ll be ready to rock.

There are other times when you need some music for relaxation. Do you have any playlists for this? I keep at least three that I alternate depending on how much concentration I need. I have a few for studying as well. According to many studies, listening to classical music while studying or doing homework stimulates your right hemisphere, which oversees your creativity. This means, that you’re more creative, so your answers will be more ingenious.

There’s even music for getting ‘smarter’, had you heard of that one? The other day, I was surfing the internet when I came across these ‘tracks’ that were sold, that stimulated certain areas of the brain, so the person would have an edge over the competition in that area. So, if the person wanted to concentrate more, he would listen to this track that lasted anywhere from 15 to about 30 minutes and the pulses would ‘rewire’ or ‘reprogram’ his brain to do just that.

I don’t really believe that could be the case, but nevertheless, I do think that music has a very positive effect on our brains. One of my favorite genres of music is country music. Who’s your favorite artist? Is it Garth Brooks? Is it Clint Black? There are so many very good ones, that it is very tough to choose.

I’ve always wanted to compile a country music playlist that was just for Christmas. I had a couple of records, but I didn’t really have time to do it. I asked a couple of my friends to see if they had a playlist they could share or direct me where I could get, but they didn’t have one for Christmas songs.

After several long months of searching, I found the following playlist. This is a very special one as it includes only the best country Christmas songs from the very best artists. Get ready for the Top-100 best country Christmas songs that you’ve been wanting to get your hands on!