Listen to this wonderful Xmas Medley by Contraponto

I love listening to Christmas carols. Maybe it’s because of the fact that we listen to them only about once a year. There are so many options to choose from, so how do you pick a favorite? I guess you don’t. The thing is that I’ve always believed that the best Christmas carols are the ones sung a cappella. Why? That was the way that they were meant to be sung. They were sung like this in many places in Europe and in the United States. From small towns to big cities, they would fill the air spreading Christmas joy everywhere.

This goes back to the day that the tradition started. Groups of people would sing them at church but would rehearse them in the street. People in the neighborhoods started to take notice and told them to stop by their houses to sing. That’s when the Christmas carolers got the idea to visit each house to take a little bit of Christmas spirit to every corner with their music.

This tradition continued to spread all across Europe and found its way to America, where it was embraced by many of the settlers. It was believed by many people back then, that having people sing Christmas carols at your home, would bring forward good luck for everyone there.

Several musical groups started to form and produce records, which were embraced by the general population. What’s your favorite a cappella group? Do you have one? My favorite is a group that has recently got together called ‘Contraponto’. This group is made of a few young singers that are capable of producing the most beautiful harmonies.

When it comes to Christmas music, I tend to be very demanding. It has been many years of collecting music and compiling the best collaborations from different artists to be played on Christmas. Why? For me, Christmas is the most important time of the year. And as such, it should be treated. I take pride in saying that I have the best Christmas compilations out there, not because I have a lot of them, but because I have only the very best. The following medley from this great group is among the best ones I have. They are fresh, they are talented, and they perform it like no other.

They have produced very popular singles and covers. Don’t take my word for it, go check out this wonderful Christmas medley and don’t forget to include it in your next Christmas dinner. You’ll be glad you did.