This Litter Of Rescued Puppies Napping In A Basket Are Too Adorable For Words

Puppies are so adored by everybody and for good reason! The sweet, gentle animals are often the best playmates, cutest cuddle buddies, and most adorably curious creatures around. There’s nothing like playing with a litter of puppies to brighten your entire week.

Even just watching them play with each other can be a thrill. You never know what kind of crazy shenanigans these baby pooches will get themselves into, and it’s always a blast to watch them explore the world around them.

Sometimes, life gets to be a bit much for these little dogs and they need to take a breather. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Like everyone else, puppies need to lay down for a rest sometimes, too. It’s a ruff life out there, running around all day and barking at everything. These dogs need their beauty sleep before they go out and make the world swoon day after day!

The litter of tired puppies featured in the clip below were rescued from a community in northern Orlando. There were too many stray dogs in the town, and the community was unable to care for all of them, so they reached out to ask for help. As a result, nearly 60 dogs were air lifted out of the community in a massive and impressive dog rescue. Even 6-week old puppies like the ones in the video made the journey out of their unsafe community!

The pups were brought to southern Ontario. From there, they were introduced to their forever homes, where they would go on to live happier, healthier lives in a community and family setting that was prepared to take proper care of them. Isn’t this the sweetest story ever? You don’t want to miss the adorable clip below. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Then, share the cuteness with your family and friends!