Little Animal Rejected By His Mother Gets A Surprising New One

The idea of starting life without one’s mother is almost unimaginable. When it happens with humans, we have systems installed to help take care of children when their parents cannot. Other times even relatives step up and take them in. They raise them as if they were their own. Not all of them have a happy ending, but at least some of them have the chance.

In the case of animals, their survival is often jeopardized. This is the story of one such creature named Dale. Dale is a takin. He’s a member of the Bovidae family, which includes goats and sheep. He was Born at the Cincinnati Zoo. Unfortunately, he was rejected by his mother at birth. This normally seals the fate of an animal whenever there is no mother around.

This was not the first time that zoo staff had to deal with this type of situation. It had happened before and they have had to find a surrogate mother. This type of animal would be a challenge, but they had the perfect guy on staff. He would help Dale cope with his terrible situation!

One thing is for sure: They must do something fast! So, the zoo’s staff decide to introduce little Dale to Blakely. He is a dog with quite an interesting reputation around there. Some of them have their doubts as to how a dog can help a strange creature like a takin. Would the dog care after the animal?

Blakely lives in the zoo and usually spends most of his time with other young animals. He likes to play with them and keeps their spirits up. They play around and for a while, they can just be animals. In other words, he is some sort of the zoo’s four-legged babysitter!

When Dale most needs a loving companion, Blakely the dog is ready to step in right away. Dale warms up to the dog quickly. He and Blakely start to do pretty much everything together. Among the things they enjoy doing now is eat lunch together.

They also like to take long walks together! Dale really needs exercise, and Blakely is the perfect fitness trainer. He encourages his takin friend to stay active. He helps him strengthen his muscles. The two new pals have fun doing a lot of things like playing together. As any baby animal, Dale is all about being playful. Blakely is a more than willing accomplice!