This Little Baby Deer Approaches Him, But He Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen

I love it when wild animals lose their shyness towards kind humans! This couple was a taking a nice walk in a path in Forest Park in Springfield, MA, when they surprisingly ran into a baby deer! But sure enough, this little one was not the least bit shy when approached by the couple, and was happy to meet them and say hello! This is very unusual because most deer are very skittish around humans, but there must be something special about these people that told this deer it was safe to approach.

As this man bends down to offer the small fawn a handful of water, what happens next is incredibly sweet! The uninhibited affection this young deer shows when the humans interact with him just makes you want to scoop him up yourself! It’s so nice to see that this little guy can be unafraid and interact with this fortunate couple, and they were happy to give him all of the affection and kindness that they could offer!

You can tell from the couples’ reactions that they are completely taken by this little one. Deer are infamously skittish and this is why this footage is so heartwarming and incredible! This couple will probably take this same walk many times in hopes of meeting this deer again.

Please watch and share this clip with all your critter loving friends! I’m sure that this little interspecies friendship with humans will melt their hearts and leave them with a smile on their faces!

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