This Little Baby Doesn’t Want Her Dog Sitting On Her Couch. What She Does? I’m Dying With Laughter! Hilarious!

We all get frustrated sometimes and are unable to cope with it. Even though we try to share our sentiments to others about the situation, there are times when people don’t even bother sparing us a look and responding to our outburst. And that is the worst! Well… who understand this situation better than this toddler?

In this video, this toddler is obviously angry with her bulldog. We may not know the reason, but my guess is she wants her spot back in the couch. She constantly blurts out some unrecognizable words while gesturing the dog to move out and go to his own bed. But poor dog, he doesn’t understand a thing this little one is saying. He just listens to her a while and gets on with his nap.

Watch this adorable moment of this toddler and her bulldog. Let us know what you thought of this video in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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