Little Baby Elephant Was Struggling With His Trunk. But What His Herd Did in Response? So Cute!

When this tour group was on a guided tour in the Kruger National Park, they chanced upon a breeding herd of elephants. The herd was about to cross the road, so the group decided to stop and watch them for a while. The sight was beautiful in itself, but the youngest member of the herd made the event even more unforgettable.

The little guy appeared from the long grasses and he entertained the humans for a while. This little elephant turned out to be quite a showman, and he seemed to love the attention. But then he got a little frustrated with something he could do absolutely nothing about.

According to the video description, the poor baby was frustrated with his trunk. Just look at the way he is handling it! No one knows why exactly he was doing it, but something in this trunk might have made it itch. Whether it was itchy, or he was just experimenting with how to use it, it is adorable to watch. He’s the smallest one in the herd, which makes it that much cuter to see.

It was funny to watch and the description says that the baby made everyone’s day! I’m sure he did with his trunk antics. Be sure to stick around for the end of clip when two of the elephants walk right up to the vehicle! That’s an amazing sight to see as well.