This Little Baby Girl Meets This Puppy, The Newest Family Member. You’ll CRY When You See Them Together!

When it comes to our children, nothing brings us more joy than seeing their little faces. Our children are our lives and they mean everything to us. From the moment we welcome them into this world we are dedicated to them and keeping them healthy and happy is are main priority and we are willing to do whatever necessary to achieve that.

While we love our children, more than anything, we also adore our pets. We are all guilty of spoiling our pets more than we should. We want to make sure that they have everything that they need to be happy and make sure that they have as much love and attention that we could possibly give them. So it’s understandable that one of the most stressful moments for a pet owner is when they bring their baby home the first time and how their pets are going to react to them.

We all hope, maybe even pray, that when we do bring our baby home for the first time that our pets will either fall in love with them or just ignore them but we won’t know what they’ll do until they do it. That is why it is so great to see this featured video below and see that this family had nothing to worry about after all.

When this family brought their little baby girl Sophie home from the hospital they were completely in love. But they were worried how Sophie and their little pooch Whicket were going to get along. Whicket had never been around a baby before so this was a really big deal, but luckily for this family they had nothing to worry about. From this video you can tell that Sophie and Whicket are destined to be best friends and they are already comfortable playing together!

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