Little Baby Orangutan Was Rescued From Shocking Situation. He Still Needs Our Help To Recover

We have seen some cases of neglect before, but the usual victims are cats and dogs. They are the ones that gather all the headlines. It doesn’t mean that no other animals suffer from this. Just that they are the ones who usually get the TV exposure. There are some people that get their hands on other animals. These people do not become informed of the animals they are “adopting”. They try to see them as small dogs or cats and feed them accordingly.

There was a case of a man who kept a tiger as a pet. He thought that it would be cool to show his friends that had pet dogs. He didn’t know anything about the type of animal. First of all, tigers are not pets. They are wild animals and as such, they belong in the wild. Second, this guy kept feeding him candy and junk food. As a result, the poor animal has kidney and liver problems. Veterinarians do not think he will make it.

Another case was a guy who had a giraffe. The animal’s diet was also not good at all. The giraffe developed an infection that was not taken care of. It got to a point that the animal could not stand. When it got really sick, the “owner” contacted a zoo to see if they could take him in. Fortunately, the zoo could accommodate having the Giraffe. After a lot of care and medication, the giraffe is recovering well at the zoo.

A third one was a person who was a hoarder. He was hoarding exotic animals. The more he had the better. He did not have the best facilities for them either. He started having problems with some of the animals attacking each other. Then it got worse when the animals started getting sick with infections.

He obviously did not have the proper training to take care of them. Some of the animals escaped the man’s home, other died from diseases and fights. At the end, animal protection groups rescued them and the man faced several charges.

Another such case happened to a very young orangutan. They had him for one year, his name is Budi. He was not kept in a proper place. He “lived” in a bird cage. He was fed only condensed milk. This caused his limbs to swell up and to get very weak. He was rescued but in very bad shape. He is in desperate need of donations to help with his care. We can still make a positive difference in his case. Don’t forget to help with a donation. Watch the video to see how he is doing.