Little Baby Penguin Walks Into A Room. His Handler Does The Most Adorable Thing With Him.

One of my favorite exhibits at any zoo has to be the penguins. The way they waddle, swim, climb. You name it. They are so cute. How much do I love these little guys? Opus the Penguin from “Bloom County” is my favorite comic strip character of all time! No, I don’t have a penguin tattooed anywhere on me… why do you ask? Then there’s this penguin that we see in this video. His name is Cookie and he gives Opus a run for his money.

We see Cookie, a baby penguin who is wearing a bandage on his wing. It doesn’t seem to be stopping him from flapping it every chance that he gets. The woman on video is trying to get him to come into the next room, but he’s taking his sweet ol’ time. It’s not like they can nudge him. Every few seconds, he stops, flaps his wings as if he’s trying to fly. Sorry, nope, not happening. Still a flightless waterfowl, buddy.

The end of the video is well worth it. Just sit through the first minute or so of them coaxing Cookie to move forward. The way he flaps his wings and shakes his tail is adorable enough. Then he gets over to one of the other zoo staff, who reaches down and starts tickling his belly. Wow. What an adorable laugh he has. His wings start flapping out of control and he’s in heaven. “Finally got that on video,” the woman holding the camera says.

There are those who say that penguins are actually very nasty creatures. Who knows, maybe they saw one on a bad day. Cookie seems so sweet. Maybe it’s because he’s used to his handlers at the zoo, but he’s completely comfortable around them. For an animal, it’s all about comfort level. Cookie knows that these two aren’t going to hurt him, which is why he lets himself be tickled. We all benefit here.

What an adorable video. I loved watching Cookie here. How about you? Have you seen a penguin this adorable? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments section. We want more cute penguins!

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