This Little Baby Pig Was Dying. But When He Meets A Blind Dog? It Will Move You To Tears!

A little piglet named Henry was on the verge of death and would have lost his life, it if it hadn’t been Brightside Farm Sanctuary. It is a non-profit shelter for animals that offers a permanent home to over 250 farm animals. Henry was rescued when he was only a few days old. He had been living in harrowing conditions and he was just a few days old, weak, cold, and without care.

He was born in a tiny crate and his mother was unable to move around, let alone look after him. The rescue team brought him to a safe place and after a few weeks they began seeing improved changes in his physical and mental health. And half of the credit goes to a blind Golden Retriever named Raffy, who adopted Henry and became his mother.

It wasn’t only Raffy who adopted Henry and helped him. All of the dogs at Brightside helped, and Henry has become very popular. He’s friendly, loving, and intelligent and he will even sit politely for treats. Have you ever seen a pig that could do that?

These pictures of Henry with the Brightside dogs are just too cute. He eats with the rabbits, and gets bottle-fed with the sheep. But it is Raffy who remanes his very best friend. They play together and sometimes even sleep together.

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