Little Bella speaks 7 languages and plays 7 instruments

At 4, most of us were still learning how to speak our native language. This polyglot can already speak 7 languages fluently – and she’s not stopping there.

Most of us are just mastering our native language at 4 years old, but this preschooler is already fluent in seven languages, and she can read in each one of them.

Bella Devyatkina is a shining star, and not just where languages are concerned. She’s got a sweet, charming personality and isn’t afraid to put it on display as she upstages the host, Shane Jacobson.

She reads his next lines from the teleprompter after she teaches him how to walk like a princess, and it’s so precious. Her giggle never fails to make the host (and us!) smile.

Bella’s performance is to go on a trip ‘around the world’, picking up certain foods from each of the vendors on stage. She masters German, Russian, English, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese perfectly!

This 4-year-old’s talent for language sure is impressive, and the internet thinks so too. With 11.5 million views, this little girl is blowing our minds – with her skill for language and her sparkling personality.

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Little Bella speaks 7 languages and plays 7 instruments