5-year-old ‘Chacha’ shows you how to slim down with cuteness and giggles

“Chacha” the adorable 5-year-old fitness guru shows you how to get fit with a workout of extreme cuteness, smiles, and giggles.

In the Season 3 episode of ‘Little Big Shots’, host Steve Harvey joins a collection of gifted kids including a jazz pianist, a dog trainer, and an adorable fitness instructor named “Chacha”. Remember that name, ladies and gentlemen because you are going to see more of her in the future. She’s the stuff little stars of made of.

Not oblivious to the fact that fashion and fitness go together, the show begins with littlle Chacha confidently running up to the stage wearing her very fashionable and sparkly striped leotard and matching leg warmers.

With confident finesse, Chacha leaps and slides gracefully onto the floor and lands in a remarkable split which generates loads of applause from the attentive audience. The cuteness has begun and with an adorable smile, we know we’re hooked. We have no choice but to watch.

“If I do that, I’m in the hospital,” Harvey jokes to the audience. Ever the fitness guru, little Chacha reasonably suggests the 61-year-old host to do a few jumping jacks instead, and he does! Chach a seems impressed by the guy’s abilities and offers more encouragement. (I told you this girl was a natural).

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Side note: Harvey is a former boxer, but he still smokes cigars, but he says he’s in better shape now than he was 15 years ago. I’m sure if you mentioned this to Chacha she would immediately scold the host for the cigars, but I digress.

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The episode continues with Chacha showing Harvey, and indeed, all of us, just how easy it is to get fit. I think she’s an inspiration and I love her “act” if you can call it that. I can definitely see her over the years becoming the next Jack Lalanne. She’s got charm, personality, talent, passion, and a great wardrobe! What more do you need really? Watch and before you go, pass on this adorable workout routine and let us know what you thought.